Weekly News Roundup 0.1.1

So, here we go – the first (beta) weekly news roundup.

Biggest news this week must be that Canonical now have two verified…

ubuntu-logo32 – partners to build phones with Ubuntu running as OS on them. The companies, bq (Spain) and Meizu (China) have both signed agreements to ship Ubuntu phones, and the phones will be made availible globally through online campaigns.  bq-meizu-logos1 For the full story, read the pressrelease here or take a look at the Q&A here .

Kapersky have discovered a 7 year old malware that is rather potent and that can, apart from infecting Windows and OSX systems also infect Linux systems.


As long as you keep your system up to date there shouldn’t be any direct issues though.  Read more about it here

The LAS – Linux Action Show from Jupiternetworks turned 300 this last Sunday (February 16 2014)!

- which is no small feat. After all, most TV shows don’t last that long (i.e Firefly , Dollhouse, No ordinary Family, Star Trek (tos) , Clone Wars…) . LAS Logo To celebrate the occation Chris and Matt among other things unveiled a new show, unveiled the new logo for the show,  had competition for the live audience and as always – a all together great show. Jupiter Broadcasting

For more information about LAS and when the show is on, take a look over at Jupiterbroadcasting And be sure to register on the Geekshed irc network and participate on the #jupiterbroadcasting irc channel during and after the live shows.


There’s been alot of talk about vunerabilities in among other ASUS and Linksys and other routers that are running Linux.

To put it quite simply – the vounerabilities are there because the routers are using woefully old kernels (like 2.4 and older) and haven’t been patched or have no patches availible. As with everything that has a OS (like your phone, computer or tablet or your router) you need to keep them up to date to make sure that they aren’t vulnerable.

Should the company behind the router (Linksys, TP-Link, ASUS etc) Techsnapstop releasing updates / firmware upgrades then you should consider getting  a new router – and if you do, the first thing you should do is upgrade the firmware (just as the first thing you do with your new computer is update it) The Jupiterbroadcasting show TechSNAP did a really good piece about this which is availible here and the shownotes are availible here


The Ubuntu team are hard at work with 14.04 LTS

-and they’ve started to show some of their changes via social media, most of them are directly Unity related or about the Convergence but others will or can have an impact on *buntu based dists.


If you’re running a *buntu based dist, it might be a good idea to follow them in social medias such as G+ , and be sure to keep an eye on OMG Ubuntu! which is a great source for news and information about the worlds most popular free operating system.

Last week also saw the release of Mageia 4 which was met with great reviews. It’s availble with just about every DE there is and runs KDE as default.

mageia1_logo_0 Since it is a new release it runs with a fairly recent KDE, 4.11.x . One of the great things about Mageia 4 isn’t directly a new one – but an really _really_ reworked one – the welcome screen.


For a full video review I recommend IGs’ which you can find here. IG has made a video about how to configure the Mageia desktop.


Gaming on Linux has never been better (or more popular).

About a year after the launch of STEAM for Linux the ammount of titles availible has has increased with 900%! It looks like Valve Steam-Linuxindeed made the right decision when making Steam availible on Linux, and at the moment the momentum seems to just be picking up. There are a ton of great indie games and such but also some AAA titles like DOTA and METRO Last Light availible. Seriously – there’s a ton of games.